How Homeopathy Changed My Life (And Made Me A Better Mother)

Before I begin my story, here's a little about homeopathy. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend joining this Facebook group and watching the videos.

"Homeopathy is a natural healing modality that uses extreme dilutions of substances from nature to stimulate a healing response. It's based on the Law of Similars (also called Like Cures Like) which states that if a substance can cause symptoms in a healthy person in its crude form, then it can stimulate self-healing of similar symptoms in a sick person when prepared homeopathically.

Although often confused with herbal and nutritional medicine, homeopathy is distinctly different. Herbal and nutritional medicine are primarily physical forms of medicines, whereas homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine. Like other forms of energy medicine (e.g. acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, somatic emotional release, flower essences, etc.), homeopathy helps dissipate blockages in an individual's subtle energy that may be preventing the individual's body wisdom from healing the chronic or acute illness. When the blockages are released, the individual's body wisdom is freed up to do what it needs to do - restructure, reorganize, release, reconstruct, realign, etc.

It's this innate body intelligence that really brings about the healing that results from energetic healing modalities. I often compare this process to pushing a boulder over a cliff. It only takes one big shove in just the right place and then gravity takes over. Likewise, an individual may need only one homeopathic remedy to stimulate a deep and long lasting healing response.

Once a homeopathic remedy stimulates a healing response, the process often involves a release of thoughts or emotions that the individual may have suppressed in the past. This may come in the form of dreams, moodiness, flashbacks to the past, or even just a heightened awareness of negative thoughts and emotions. In homeopathy, as with other forms of energetic healing, this type of emotional release is typically followed by an innate restructuring process in which the body wisdom resolves chronic symptoms." (Laurie Monteleone)

I was introduced to homeopathy at the beginning of this year.

Like many of you, I was already familiar with a few common homeopathic remedies -- teething tablets, Camilia, Arnica and Ocscillococcinum. Though oddly enough, I never thought to dig deeper. In fact, there was a huge part of me that dismissed homeopathy altogether. All I had ever heard on the subject were things like "placebo effect", "sugar pill" and "it doesn't actually contain anything". I think another major block for me was the feeling that homeopathic remedies too closely resembled pharmaceutical drugs. The Western concept of "pill for every ill" didn't resonate with me and I was determined to avoid this approach. So we used our teething remedies on occasion and I didn't ask any questions.

Then I became pregnant with Ruby. Those first weeks were some of my darkest. I was depleted, emotionally and physically, and every day was a struggle. For the first time in my life, I was experiencing actual rage. The tiniest thing would bring so much anger to the surface and after releasing it (usually in the form of yelling at my loved ones), I would just curl up into a ball in the dark and sob, my body hot and red with emotion. It honestly felt like I had no control of myself, none. It was as if someone, something, would take over in those moments. I didn't look at all like the "gentle parent" that I so desperately wanted to be and I was determined to change that.

So I reached out on social media.

A friend of mine read my post and said, "I was skeptical but I just saw an amazing homeopath and she changed my life. Totally worth the money if you can swing it." I trusted her opinion and was ready to try just about anything, so I emailed the homeopath and made an appointment for that week.

My First Appointment

On the morning of my appointment, my partner dropped me off in front of a two-story brick house in a suburban neighborhood. A woman invited me in and we climbed the stairs to get to her office. Once there, she sat cross-legged in a big arm chair, with a clipboard in her lap. I sat across from her on the sofa, without even the slightest clue as to what might happen next. She asked me if I was familiar with classical homeopathy (nope) and then began explaining the concepts. I nodded my head. Everything made so much sense. Why hadn't I looked into this earlier?

Once I had a basic understanding of homeopathy, we were ready to get started on my case. I told her what I had been experiencing -- the depletion, the rage, the lack of control, my inability to end the cycle and be the parent I wanted to be. We were only minutes in and I was already in tears, telling her how much it breaks my heart to yell at my son. She asked me about my childhood, my relationship with my parents, with my partner and with myself. I rambled on and on in complete honesty, spilling my heart out to a stranger. Part of me wondered, "Is this supposed to feel like an appointment with my therapist?" But she didn't stop me, so I kept talking.

After an hour or so, she started asking me more specific questions. What foods do I like or dislike? What is my sleep like? Did I have any childhood illnesses? She looked over her notes and then grabbed a book from a nearby shelf. I watched her put her glasses on and thumb through the book until she got to the page she was looking for.

Magnesium muriaticum. My constitutional remedy. The remedy that matched my symptoms perfectly.

She explained that this remedy would work to release deep emotional patterns and trauma, then she put some tiny white pills into a tiny brown envelope and sent me on my way. I was to report back after a few days of taking the remedy.

The Results

This is when it really got interesting.

Within four days, I felt like an entirely different person. I mean it. The rage was gone. It was almost as if it had just disappeared. My entire emotional state had shifted and I actually started enjoying my son again. While this was happening, I kept thinking, "A tiny sugar pill did this?!"

I spent the rest of that week convinced that I was "cured", until I experienced something like a relapse. All of those familiar symptoms came back with a vengeance and I began to question homeopathy again. I was frantic, emailing my homeopath and asking her what to do. She responded, reassuring me that the remedy was correct. My symptoms disappearing and then reappearing -- this was a good sign. She just needed to increase the potency of my remedy. So I stopped by her office, grabbed a new brown envelope and gave homeopathy another try.

My symptoms only reappeared one more time after that, and I've been clear ever since.


It has been almost 10 months now and I can honestly say that I have been transformed by homeopathy. It helped me with the issues I talked about here, but even beyond that, I feel so much lighter. Layers that do not serve me -- generations of negative patterns and beliefs -- they're continually being released. The way I see it, this pregnancy brought intense unprocessed emotions to the surface so that I could face them head-on. And once I did, I felt myself move beyond that feeling of being "trapped". I could be anyone I wanted to be! Gentle parenting now comes so naturally to me, whereas before, it was a constant effort.

Most of all, I was able to spend the rest of my pregnancy feeling peaceinstead of anger. Every bond in our family was strengthened and I am so thankful for that. Not to mention the fact that Ruby got to experience that peace while she was in the womb. This will have a lifelong impact on her personality and the way she feels in the world.

I'll be talking more about homeopathy going forward. In fact, my partner and I are even considering attending school to study more in depth. It is a fascinating, life-changing practice and I hope to share it with everyone I know!