Living in Costa Rica: Blue Osa

Many people have been asking me what exactly I'm up to in Costa Rica, so I am writing this post to give you all the details. On April 17th, I left Austin for Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is teeming with life. In fact, it is home to at least half of all animal species in Costa Rica and is known as one of the most biologically active areas in the world. Wikitravel calls it "a wondrous, magical, and untouched place for nature-lovers and adventurers". I couldn't agree more.  

After landing in the city of Puerto Jimenez, I was greeted by a friendly driver, who took me to my new home for the summer: Blue Osa. Blue Osa is an eco-resort and spa that hosts yoga retreats. I get to live and eat here in exchange for a few hours of work everyday.

What "work"? My job consists of writing, taking photos and helping with marketing efforts here at Blue Osa. Another project that I'm working on is to rebuild the Corcovado School's website and help raise funds to support the children. (I will dedicate an entire post to this initiative because I am very excited about it!)

Aside from being able to live in such a beautiful place, I also get to meet interesting people from all over the world--yoga teachers included. One thing that really pulled me to this opportunity was the ability to experience many different yoga classes and styles. It has been tremendously rewarding and I continue to grow in my own practice.

Other reasons I love living here:

  • The people are great. I've made so many friends at Blue Osa and I love them. Check out the other girls working with me: Raquel, Lara and Valentina.
  • Fresh air all the time. No A/C. The air smells so good here, it's a nice break from city life.
  • On that note, the weather is perfect. Right now it's around 82 degrees, the sun is out and there's a nice breeze. We're entering rainy season, so there are showers almost every day. But oddly enough, they've become my favorite part of the day.
  • The sun rises at 5:30am and sets at 5:30pm. I love the early mornings.
  • Animals animals animals. Baby frogs and beautiful macaws and sunbathing cats and giant sea turtles.

To balance things out, I'll include a negative: I am having difficulty maintaining a healthy diet here. The food is very rich (and delicious) and my body isn't very happy about it. But the cooks are very accommodating and I'm working on a diet plan for myself.

Now for the pictures!


The main house

*WIFI area* :-P

Watermelon infused water. The cooks are always coming up with new water infusions!

Daily Breakfast: Fruit and granola

Always ripe bananas available!

Path to the beach. This tree is beautiful.

Path to the beach


New chairs under the giant tree. Perfect reading spot.

The yoga studio

The gorgeous open-air yoga studio. Butterflies and little birds fly through and it makes yoga 10x more enjoyable.

I fell in love with this tunnel right when I got here

Lap pool and outdoor yoga deck in the background

Outdoor yoga deck

So many reading spots. I love these purple flowers

The Garden

Lara (our gardener) has done such an amazing job!

Blue Osa

Can never have enough photos of plants

Our bathroom sink. We also have an outdoor shower.

The work/exchange girls live in a shipping container that has been turned into rooms.

My Room

I love hanging my clothes on hooks. Might try this when I get home!