Why I Eat One Brazil Nut A Day

Selenium - This mineral is vital for a healthy functioning immune system. It works with other vitamins and minerals to prevent free radical damage in the body, and is thought to help prevent cancer as well.

Low selenium levels can contribute to the following: Autoimmune problems like psoriasis and thyroid disorders, mood disorders, progression of viral infections, etc.

Top plant-based foods with selenium: Brazil nuts, Sunflower seeds, Mushrooms, Grains, Onions

My choice? Brazil nuts!

The RDA for selenium for adults 19 and older is 55 micrograms per day. One Brazil nut contains around 95 micrograms. This means that just one brazil nut a day supplies me with well over 100% of my daily selenium needs.

(It's my favorite tasting supplement, that's for sure.)

Brazil Nuts and Selenium - Healthy Nutrition